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Constitution & Bylaws

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Organized-February 11, 1952

Adopted Constitution and By-Laws - February 27, 1952
Incorporated September 8, 1952


This is the first “Surf Fishing Club for Women” in the East, the second in the country, the other being in California.  We shall be known as the “Women’s Surf Fishing Club of New Jersey”.       

The purpose of the Women’s Surf Fishing Club shall be to promote a greater interest, good fellowship, and sportsmanship among fishermen as well as promoting a more friendly and harmonious relationship between landowners and tenants and fishermen and to co-operate with all departments or bureaus of the State of New Jersey or its sub-divisions, in the enforcement of the laws for the protection and propagation of fish; or for the control and preservation of such natural resources that will help improve fishing and to propose to these departments or bureaus such legislation as may be deemed necessary in the interest of all fishermen.  The club’s mission statement, created and approved in 2008 reads as follows, “WSFC promotes the sport of surf fishing, endorses marine conservation, inspires camaraderie among women as well as encourages participation in events that benefit women’s causes.”

As this Club is formed for the perpetuation of the sport of fishing, on the surf in all its legitimate phases, it is hereby made a part of our By-Laws that any member found guilty of violating the fishing laws of the State or maliciously destroying property, real or personal, shall be deemed unworthy to be a member of this organization; and her name shall be removed from the roll at any stated meeting by a majority vote of the members present entitled to vote and voting.

A member so dropped from the roll may appeal the charges before the members in any regular or special meeting.

Likewise, any member who engages in unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct while participating in a club event will be subject to a penalty that is commensurate with the infraction.  The penalty will be determined by the club's officers at a special meeting, and voted on at any regular or special meeting by a majority vote of the members present entitled to vote and voting, not including the offending member.


The officers of the Women’s Surf Fishing Club of New Jersey shall be:

A.      A President
B.      A Vice-President
C.      A Secretary
D.      A Treasurer
E.      Board of Directors
The term of officers shall be for one (1) year, starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st.

Any officer may be elected to succeed herself if she has been regularly nominated and elected by the majority of members present that are entitled to vote and voting.

The President’s duties shall be to preside at all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.  She shall preserve order, appoint committees, tellers, or representatives as may be required and perform any other duties pertaining to her office.

She shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President shall, with the Secretary, sign all legal contracts of the Club.  Upon retirement from office, all books and records shall be promptly turned over to her successor.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in her absence.  In the absence of the Vice-President the officers shall preside in the order of listing in Article II, Section I.

The Secretary shall take accurate notes of whatever business comes before the assembly and from these notes prepare minutes which shall be the official records of the proceedings of the Organization.  She shall keep exact records of all motions and read resolutions or papers when directed.  She shall keep a list of all members.  She shall read the minutes of the previous meeting at all regular meetings for the Club’s approval and then register same in order that all records will be kept properly for future reference. 

The Secretary shall, with the approval of the President, conduct all official correspondence for the Club.  She shall carefully preserve all papers, records and documents of the Club and keep files of correspondence of the Club and perform any other duties required by her office.  Upon retirement from office, she shall promptly turn over to her successor any and all records and property belonging to the Club.

The Treasurer is the official custodian of the funds and securities of the Club.  She is the official disbursing officer and she shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements, reporting same at each regular meeting.  She shall collect all money due to the Club and keep accurate records of each and every transaction.  As disbursing officer, she shall pay all bills from the funds of the Club, when approved by a majority vote of the members present entitled to vote and voting at a regular meeting.  She shall deposit all money received in a bank that the Officers and Board of Directors have approved.  At each regular meeting after the Treasurer’s report is read, it shall be filed for audit; and, annually, the Treasurer’s books shall be audited by a committee for auditing.  Upon retirement from office, she shall promptly turn over to her successor any and all records and property belonging to the Club.

The Board of Directors shall be composed of the elected officers, the immediate Past-President (who shall serve as Advisor) and the Chairmen of standing committees. This Board shall administrate the affairs of the club. The President of the WSFC shall be the presiding officer and the Secretary shall keep the records of all meetings of the Board of Directors. These meetings shall be reported to the Club by the reading of the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting at the regular Club meetings.

The files of all officers and chairmen shall be made available to the President upon her request, and she shall assume responsibility until they are returned. 


SECTION 1. ********
Meetings will be scheduled as necessary.  Members will receive notice by email and/or text, with a minimum of two meetings per year.

SECTION 2. *******
A quorum for a regular meeting shall consist of five (5) members in good standing.

SECTION 3. *******
A special meeting may be called by the President via email request of five (5) members in good standing.  Seven (7) days’ notice of same must be given to all members.

All meetings shall be conducted according to regular parliamentary law.

Order of Business:

A.      Call to order
B.      Roll call
C.      Reading of previous meeting’s minutes
D.      Treasurer’s report and payment of bills
E.      Secretary’s communication
F.       Officers’ and committee reports
G.      Old Business
H.     New Business
I.        Suggestions for good of Club
J.        Adjournment


SECTION 1.********
Any female, eighteen (18) years or over interested in fishing and is of good character shall be eligible to apply for active membership in the Women’s Surf Fishing Club of N.J.

SECTION 2.*****
Any female under (18) years of age shall be considered as a junior member, and such member must be sponsored by an adult member who will assume full responsibility for such Junior member.  Junior membership dues shall be 50% of the current membership dues per year.  They shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

A sponsor shall obtain an application blank or an instant Member Pack from the Membership Chairman.

SECTION 4.********
When application and $30.00 is accepted, the Membership Chairman will then return to the new member a copy of the By-Laws and Affidavit program. 

Honorary membership can be conferred on any woman for services rendered or various other reasons by the unanimous vote of the members in good standing entitled to vote and voting at a regular meeting of the Club.  Such honorary membership shall entitle the recipient to all privileges of an active member except that she shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

The Women’s Surf Fishing Club of N.J. shall have a closed membership of one hundred (100) members.  The membership may be increased at any time when Article VIII, Section l, is properly enforced.

SECTION 7. ******
Any member attaining the age of seventy (70) and still actively participating in club affairs will automatically become a paid-up life member of the club, retaining all club privileges, namely the right to vote and hold office. Any member attaining the age of 65 before 2014 will be grandfathered in as a life member.


SECTION 1.******
The annual dues for membership shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) due by January 1st.

SECTION 2. ******
Any member whose payment of dues has not been received by February 28th of the current year shall be considered delinquent.  She shall be notified by the Membership Committee Chairman that her name will be dropped from the membership list.


Committees shall be appointed by the President whenever they shall be necessary.  Such committees can include:

A.      Banquet
B.      Scrapbook
C.      Computer Communications
D.      Membership
E.      Marketing and Publicity
F.       Remembrance
G.      Tournament

The chairmen may have sub-committees, but these sub-committees are responsible to their chairmen and officers.


Every member in good standing shall be entitled to nominate a member in good standing for any office.

Every member in good standing shall be entitled to vote for any member who has been regularly nominated to a specific office.

In the event that a vacancy should occur in an elective office, the unexpired term of such office shall be filled by the President, or appointed by the Board of Directors.

Amendments of these by-laws may be made by being proposed at a regular meeting or special and voted upon at the next regular meeting.  A majority vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing attending same will be required to pass the proposed amendment.

Definition of “surf” according to “Webster’s Dictionary” is: “Waves of the sea breaking on the beach” and according to the “American College Dictionary” is: “Swells of the sea that break upon a shore”.

SECTION 2.********
Any fish eligible for entry in annual contest must be caught in the surf, from the beach, surf hereby being defined as ocean or any part thereof, from Sandy Hook to Cape May Point.  Any fish entered for competition must be completely whole, not mutilated in any manner.  An affidavit shall be duly signed by the member of the “Women’s Surf Fishing Club of New Jersey”, and measurements of the fish should be witnessed whenever possible, and signed by witness.  You must send the Affidavit to the Affidavit Chairman within thirty (30) days after the fish has been caught or the catch shall not be recognized for competition.  All fish entered for competition must be caught in the surf. ASAC rules prevail for counting fish (size and bag limits). More than one rod may be used simultaneously, but no more than 2 hooks per rig.

Each member must attend at least TWO (2) club functions per calendar year, to be considered a member in good standing, and to qualify for club awards and earned club benefits.  These events would be any of the following: Meetings, Intra-Club tournaments, or serve as a WSFC officer, or as a WSFC Representative at other outside meetings or functions, or assist at the annual WSFC tournament.  Fishing at inter club tournaments, (ASAC sanctioned) will count only once as a club function.

SECTION 4.*****
Fishing tournament rules may only be amended from January 1 through February 28 of any calendar year.


At such time that the Women’s Surf Fishing Club of NJ shall become inoperable and be forced to disband, the balance of all assets of the club (after all outstanding bills have been paid) shall be donated to the charity which the Club has been supporting. If this is not feasible then it will be donated to a charity selected by the remaining members.

REVISED March 2001

*Amendments March 05
** Amendments December 09
***Amendments February 2012
**** Amendments March 2013
***** Amendments March 2014
****** Amendments May 2016
******* Amendments February 2017
******** Amendments February 2018

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