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WSFCNJ Tournament Program Download PDF Version Microsoft Word

WSFC of NJ, Inc. has a tournament program that uses the combined scores from ASAC Sanctioned Tournaments (Inter-club Tournaments) and the scores gotten from our affidavit program (Intra-club fishing), that is fish caught on a personal basis.  The following describes the Tournament Program rules.

Members in good standing, who have attended at least TWO (2) club functions per calendar year, are eligible for club awards.  These events would be any of the following:

Meetings, Intra-Club Tournaments, or serve as a WSFC Officer, or as a WSFC Representative at other outside meetings or functions, or assist at the annual WSFC tournament.  Fishing at inter-club tournaments (ASAC sanctioned) will count only once as a club function.

*All anglers fishing tournaments or sending in affidavits must have their current NJ Saltwater Fishing Registry numbers in to the WSFC Secretary by the March 1 of each year.  Anglers will not be permitted to enter affidavits or fish tournaments without providing the registration numbers.

Blue Fish                     12” or over…N.J. state bag limits
Kingfish                      10” or over
Croaker                       10” or over
Weakfish                     N.J. state size and bag limits
Striped Bass                N.J. state size and bag limits
Summer Flounder       N.J. state size season and bag limits
Black Drum                 N.J. state size, season and bag limits

There are other fish that count for most fish award, i.e. sundials, black sea bass, red drum, etc.  Junk fish do not count.  Please refer to www.asaconline.org for complete information on eligible fish.

UNUSUAL CATCH: The tournament committee should also send in any unusual catch for possible consideration.

Refer to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection website, http://www.state.nj.us for a complete list of the current year’s saltwater fishing regulations.

**TOURNAMENT FEES: “Each team will be given a sum of money to purchase bait. Any cost above that is the angler’s responsibility.  It is the captains’ responsibility to give that money to WSFC treasurer.

A cancellation fee of $5 must be paid to WSFC by any angler that signed up to fish an ASAC tournament and then cancels within 48 hours.  There will be exceptions made for emergencies t/b/d.  If another angler takes the place of the cancelling angler, the cancellation fee will be waived.

***WSFC TOURNAMENT TEAMS: When two teams are filled (6 anglers each team), WSFC will pay ASAC for a third team if there are more than 3 additional anglers.  If there are 3 or less additional anglers, WSFC will pay their entrance fee as individuals. WSFC will supply money for bait for individuals.

*INTER-CLUB TOURNAMENTS AKA ASAC TOURNAMENTS: The club will purchase and distribute the bait to each team.  Each team captain will maintain the bait.  Any member wanting different bait may purchase it at her own expense.  It will be the responsibility of the captain of each team to make sure that the PINK SHEETS from each session, are legible, accurate and signed, and that they get to the affidavit chair within 7 days of the end of each tournament. If no pink sheet is received no points will be given. Pink Sheets must be dated and host club name filled in. Team member names must be like order on both sheets, full names.

TOURNAMENT SCORING: Scorable fish must meet the minimum size limits described above.  Each inch will count as one point.  A fraction will count as the next quarter inch.  In the event of a tie, exact measurement (length and girth) will determine the winner.

JUNIOR MEMBERS: An award will be given to the junior member catching the largest of the eligible fish.  Junior members must qualify the same as regular members for club awards.

RELEASED FISH: Affidavit must be filed as above and witnessed if possible.  These fish have the same recognition as the fish that are kept.

TRAVELING PLAQUE: One traveling plaque will be awarded for the largest fish caught in the above categories.  This plaque will be given to the 1st place winner for one year.  The traveling plaque will then be returned to the club, to be awarded to the next season’s winner.  Also, a traveling plaque will be given to the individual with the most fish caught during the year.

INDIVIDUAL PLAQUE: Individual, permanent plaques will be given to all winners in the Minimum Lengths for Eligible Species for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  In the event an individual catches the first and second largest fish, she will only be awarded 1st place for the largest fish in that category.  Her second largest fish will not be eligible for the next place award.  The next largest fish caught by a different individual will be awarded 2nd place.  The same applies to 2nd and 3rd place.

HOW TO PREPARE AFFIDAVITS: If a large fish is caught, please girth the fish because if another large fish is caught and is the same size by another angler and is the same size, girth will be the tiebreaker.  Affidavits are invalid if erased, crossed out, or changed in any respect.  Fish must be registered within thirty, (30) days of being caught.  Affidavits can be found on our website, click here.

*TOURNAMENT PROGRAM CHANGES: Fishing Tournament rules can only be amended from January 1 through February 28 of any calendar year.

** 2/ 21/16

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